Item Details ,This is a group of 3 vintage vinyl reproduction decals, Aeromatic and Curtiss Metal Propellers. The quality is exceptional and professional; they are used on flying aircraft, vintage show airplanes and museum restorations. These decals can be finished with a clear coat as the originals were.

There are various quantities of these decals on hand,
** , Please email with your description of the decal or decals you wish to purchase, with quantities, or your questions and interest.

Shipping charge $2.75

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AeroMatic Eagle
6" X 2 5/8"
Pair $22.25

AeroMatic Air Controlled
9" X 1 3/4"
Pair $21.50

Curtiss Metal Propeller
11" X 2 3/16"
Pair $22.75

All decals will ship USPS First Class, in a hard pack with delivery confirmation.
*Multiple sets can be combined at no extra charge.